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Hey guys, I've read a lot of useful stuff here in the past, so I thought I would take a minute to contribute my latest find on the business side of things.

I started out looking for a way to set up online timesheets, and came across Timetrex (not letting me post link), which has that as well as payroll, scheduling, job costing, document management, and invoicing. Has anyone else used this before, or something comparable?

I don't want to sound like an ad here, I'm just really excited to find a program that integrates most of what I deal with on the operations side of things. It's not only going to save time, but make me more effective by being more organized and tracking things closer.

Just setting it up right now and it is very detailed, so it's taking some time, but I will update the thread after it's up and running and I've had a chance to better assess it.

In case anyone's interested, this is the response I got after inquiring about whether they had time clocks better suited to construction type job sites:

We don't have any options available like JobClock, as jobclock more often than not creates as many problems as it solves.

If are you looking to verify employee location out in the field the best option available is to use an iPhone with cellular data/GPS capability.

This offers you real-time tracking of employees as they move from job site to job site, as well as it records GPS coordinates within 30ft of where each employee punches in/out. The advantages this has over jobclocks is you don't have to move them from site to site before the crew gets there, you don't need to have someone travel between sites to collect the data each day/week only to find out later that half your employees forgot to record their time, and it is likely less expensive, depending on how many sites/employees you have. You don't need a separate iPhone for each employee either, as several employees can use a single phone that for example the crew supervisor carries around.

Last I checked, a JobClock system will cost at least $1000 to get started and more likely closer to $2000-3000. Refurbished iPhones start at $49 with a contract from Rogers, add a heavy duty protective case that completely seals them and they should last a long time.
So now I'm thinking of modifying a plastic or metal case of some sort so that just the face of the iphone is exposed, and then the case can be locked down on site. Because being able to log in at the end of the day and see a precise, real time total of hours put into a job vs budget would be awesome! Stay tuned.
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