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Online Stair College?

Currently there is not a single location or source where one can learn the craft of stairbuilding. The idea is being considered of establishing an online college, most likely through the Stair Manufactures Association, where a variety of classes would be offered on the subject from it’s most basic level up though the full tangent handrail approach. Various industry professionals would present a course outline of the subject matter for that class. The goal is to have a variety of courses of graduating skill levels such that a person just starting out could follow the entire program or a more experienced person could start in at the point farther along. As an online program one could work at whatever pace fits best. The course syllabus would be presented along with the suggested books and problems presented for solution. Real world problems and solutions, with an instructor who would review your work. Some subjects could be covered in a short time-frame and others could take substantially longer.

As with any college type approach the time commitment of the instructor would be a factor and as such it would need to be a fee based program. The goal here is not to create a for profit institution but a way to provide compensation great enough to attract the type of people who you would like to learn from.

Introductory classes would be shorter and therefore cheaper. As the subject matter becomes more complex the class would be longer and cost higher.

For those currently working on the tangent handrail subject matter you know all too well this is not something you will learn in a short period of time. Jim Baldwin has been very gracious with his time so far but to really learn the subject this is asking a great deal from Jim, and in my opinion more than can be expected without compensation.

Not everyone aspires to learn tangent handrailing and one could stop at any point desired.

Please take the time to indicate if this is something which has an appeal.
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