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one (large) ringy dingy

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Will be 10' tall x 3' wide.

(3' of the 13' timbers will go in the ground)

6" x 6" locust timbers.

The bell, an old out of date O2 bottle, is 4' tall x 8" diameter.

Clapper will be a wood disc hung with 1/2" manila rope the bell will be hung with that rope, too.

That all adds up to one big a## wind chime.

Pipe Steel Floor Metal

Pipe Steel Metal

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Nice----I think this is the start of a musical garden--
Finished up right before the rain.

House Room Wood Building

Grass Plant Landscape Moss

Property Building Room House Wood

Pretty cool how I can get it to stay level like that. Sideways an' everything.
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Nice job app
Looks like it fits right in around the architecture
And landscaping
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