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One Bidder Goverment Project

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has anyone ever been the sole bidder on a government funded project?

was it awarded?

were there any legalities you found out about the award or lack there of?
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Usually, they'll repost the offer as a single response makes it look like it was rigged and someone in the government who wrote the contract will be investigated. So NORMALLY the offer is made again. Nowadays, I'd double check any contract offered as the government is seriously hiring auditors to check out this process.

Of course, that being said, some people just don't like dealing with the government and not willing to work with them. As long as you understand the procedure, it is actually quite easy working for them.
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one bidder

Federal government is able to award contract to single bidder up to $50,000, at least that was the case a few years back. The contracting officer has access to large data base of costs of similar projects. He matches your quote to past costs and can award work to you if he sees fit. Here is a big warning: There are some sharpies out there who get the contract or p.o. then go look for an unsuspecting sub to do the work for them. Everyone wants government work, right? Work gets done, sharpie gets paid. End of story. Punchline is that unsuspecting sub can't put lien on government property. I have done work for FAA and got paid real fast. State of Florida has taken up to 89 days. Good luck.
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Back in the day when I was doing lawn and grounds maintenance it was many times lower than that for the National Weather service. After a couple yrs of building a relationship with the head secretary I was told that $2499 was the magic number. $2500 was the number that triggered at least one second bid. She told me that if I needed to go over $2500 to bid phase one as $2475 and phase 2 etc etc etc etc for what ever the job needed to be.

Who knows, maybe different branches have different guidelines.
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i should be a little more clear.

this is federal plus state funding bit through an engineering firm.

engineer's estimate was $4mil and our bid was $4mil.

it sounds like the engineer wants to award the bid but it is uncertain if the board which owns the project will agree. we are kissing some a** to try to get it awarded.
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98 billion in bad contracts. Expect a major crackdown soon. VERY soon.
engineer, owner, and funding agency have agreed to award.

$3.8 mil job lined up and ready to go for next year. that feels kind of good. help give me a something to look forward to when working on this years job from hell.
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