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Hi all,

I'm trying to learn, and have a friend with a house that has old concrete for it's driveway and most of the yard. It looks terrible and he wants to replace it.

Getting labor where I'm at is near impossible so I'm looking for inputs on new technology or options to make this look 'good'

Can we pour something on top instead of having to jackhammer it all up?

Other ideas?

Heres the situation:

Inlaw out back:
Road surface Asphalt Grass Tar Tints and shades

Front house (with strange grading);
Sky Cloud Property Window Fixture

Side of inlaw:
Sky Cloud Building Slope House

Other side of inlaw:
Plant Building Sky Shade Tree

I don't have pictures of the driveway but it's on little hill and looks like the rest of the concrete.

Any inputs greatly appreciated 🙏
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