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Hi all, found this forum on google, heck, google anything these daz, so, was looking to 'get into' spraying topping for level5 finish to old munted walls here, looking at all the products available and how you guy'n gals sorted the stuff out with what gear.
I've owned Graco fatmax 4 years ago doing interior paint work with great success, got the 1 gal tank for spraying water based enamel to great effect too. Cant remember tip size except the last digits .?17 was my fav for acrylics. Used lots of tips with high build undercoats and flat black acrylics on very large interior climbing gyms and laser strike arenas we built. Crikey we could get some really great looking finishes, a very rare look.... very smooth and high build - as you do with spraying.
Here now I'm looking to fill a void with getting level5 or damn close, on older buildings that have the obligatory 25 coats of paint on, no, but looks like it, rough and "what the heck just give it another fresh one....." attitude, well, I'm thinking a spray on drywall topping may be the answer.
Power sand, and final block sand edges etc, then high build u/coat-sealer sprayed on.
I have read for drywall topping I'll need larger dia dedicated hose and .030 - .031 tips, and my old Graco would prob not have been big enough.

There you have it, read and weep.... :thumbsup:
This ol bugger has plumb dun it all to great effect. :clap:

Except drywall topping...... :eek:
Help or comment to your hearts content please, I read alot. :blink:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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