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Oklahoma blizzard 2009

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This storm came in right before Christmas and we are finally beginning to get dug out. If you didn't have a 4-wheel drive vehicle, you were stuck. I pulled out 5 or 6 cars out at one intersection and finally just gave up. The cars just kept coming. The snow was heavy and came in sideways. Visibility was maybe a 100' and by the time the next group of cars came, it was too late for them to turn around.

I can't remember the last time we had a white Christmas in Oklahoma! We might get 4-6 inches later on in the winter but this storm was massive. It shut things down real fast.

The highways have re-opened and side streets are passable, but tricky. There have been numerous stranded motorists and this just adds to the difficulty. Once they become stuck, they just leave their cars sitting there, other motorists and snow plows can't get around them. Just in my area, I could probably count a hundred cars easily. I just imagine it's like this all over the city.

I was glad we were able to get our little concrete pour in on Wednesday. It was only 1 yard but had to be wheeled over the lawn and around to the back of the thru a back door and finally into the bathroom.
It's for a tub and shower floor. It will be weeks before we can get on that lawn again. The rest of our work will, fortunately, be inside.
Stay safe,
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We had a white Christmas a few years back, at least up north. My wife insisted we do the shopping trip to Quail Springs yesterday, and it wasn't too bad.

Oklahoma can have the most bizarre weather.....snow down south, very little up north...or we get 2 feet, and the record 40 miles south is 14 inches. Living in the Panhandle is like a whole other world.....
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I love/hate a big dump of a snow storm. It cool to be snowed in and dig out and help neighbors and just the fun of it all. The downside is when it comes to working. If we are already burrowed in a job site then not such a big deal, but if we are mobilizing to or from one then it sucks. But I think we all have those kids memories that come back on a snow day!
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The temps and wind chills are rough. I have a new home footing ready to pour and set ICF's, plus a second one ready to start, and 2 metal buildings to finish. This weather is not welcomed by any means.
Here in the Dallas area we got just enough snow to call it a "White Christmas" ... to say the least a White Christmas here is uncommon ... my 7 yr old grandson was more excited about the snow cover than the opening of gifts ... as he said with such a joyful voice, "it's a miracle" ... so glad he got the opportunity to see a White Christmas at such an impressionable age ... I'm sure that's a memory that will always be special
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in northwest oklahoma,we got a little snow.but mostly we got wind.up to 60 mph gusts,wind chills were down below zero.we got our blizzard in march of this year,when we got his with almost 2 foot of snow.
In Delaware we have 16-18" and the kids loved the extended break from school. The day after Christmas it started raining and hit 54 degrees-today almost all traces are of the white Christmas are gone.
You do realize that with a winch and a 4X4, you can make a decent amount of money pulling people out of ditches, don't you? Insurance rates go up if you call a wrecker...:shifty:
We were supposed to have gone into Oklahoma City Thursday morning (the 24th) to look at a job, but the sleet and freezing rain started up around 4am that morning. The sound of the sleet hitting the windows woke me up early. So I made a pot of coffee and stared out the window for a while. I saw the freezing rain coating my truck, then the sleet build up even more on my windshield. The snow started around 5:30am and the wind was blowing pretty good from the north. Visibility here in Caddo County dropped quickly. By about 7am visibility was down to about 20 feet. The snow kept up until about 6pm that night. We got 12" of snow out at our place and snow drifts all over the property from 2 feet up to 4 feet in some areas. The county did an excellent job of getting the sand trucks out on the highways around these parts. We had to dig the family car out from a 3 and a half foot snow drift. Once we were out on the roads, the highways were excellent around here thursday night. It was just a real bugger making it through the city streets of Anadarko and especially into country driveways. :)
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White Christmas in Texas

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