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okay men - need your expertise

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I am a female who enjoys learning to fix things but have no previous experience. My outside wooden deck is OLD and has already been power washed and stained but is already (only a year later) looking quite bad. I just looked at it in the rain and it looks so good wet. The wood is so old and dry - isn't their something that could revitalize it? I thought about pouring shellac on it - lol --please give some advice - THANK YOU!!!
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Why don't you take a picture of the deck before and after you treat it , Maybe you new business and don't know it

good luck
Try Danish Oil, Or Any Produt By Tarket, Or Mega Cleaner/sealer
Think RE-Deck, nnooo, not a new miracle product, A new deck surface....if the only complaint is the uppermost boards, (the ones you walk on) any more cleaner/stain/sealer/varnish cost can be applied directly to new board purchase. Even if you get the old deck looking decent??? in your words "it is an old deck" I'm not a big fan of wood substitutes, but the newest generation of composite deck material is good looking, long lasting, and with the cost-to-usable-life getting better (as opposed to the problems faced with salt treated lumber) think about treating yourself to a "NEW" deck???
good luck!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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