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Your 'e-mail us' link doesn't work. Neither does the 'read more' link.

Any idea why nearly every line of html has:
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The slideshow at the bottom of the page S - L - O - W - S everything down - considerably. The way they load into whatever viewer you have there looks like they are full-size photos that scale down as the page is loaded. If you want a 150px tall slideshow - make your photos 150px tall.

A lot of people do this unintentionally and don't realize how much it slows load times. Scale your photos down to the size you need them on the page and link them to a full-size version if you want to. If you place them on the page and scale them down that is exactly what it does when I load your page - except it's my browser and processor I have to wait to do it.

Scale all your photos before putting them on the internet and you will usually almost double the speed at which your page loads.

If you want photos down there with a link to projects I would probably just put static photos down there. Photos that small show no great detail and people that want to see projects will click on static photos as easily (and probably more readily) than clicking on your slideshow. No reason to slow down your page to have a slideshow at the bottom of it.

Just my $.02
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