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Office employee hours question

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I'm wondering how many hours are needed for an office manager to run the administrative side of my business while I work? Are 15 hours really needed?
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You'll have to provide a tad bit more info than this.....
It is a small office, there is the contractor and the office employee, but we are looking for more employees to be in the field. I'm just wondering what typical office hours look like. What information is needed?
How many gallons of gas will my company use a week? It's a small company. Will 50 be enough?
Obligatory tree fiddy response.
How many hours did it take you to do the work before you hired the employee?

Figure out how long they currently spend doing each task and then set up schedule for the day and tell them that they can go home as soon as the work is done and still collect full pay. You'll know how long it really takes to do the work pretty fast. Don't cut their pay after that or you'll be screwed. The benefit comes from training them to do their work as efficiently as possible so when more work comes along it gets done quickly and you are now paying less for it.

What's a pipefitter even do? Do you just hold up pipes and say "Yep, that'll fit in there."
It depends on you!

It depends on the software, the systems, how organized you are, and what you want your office help to do.

There is a plumbing contractor that for the past 50 years has 25 productive employees (plumbers) and 18 non-productive employees such as 7 office girls, 2 girls in his credit department, 1 general manager, 2 parts department employees, 4 daytime dispatchers, and 2 evening dispatchers that rotate work days. Personally, I always thought this was ridiculous when I met him 40 years ago and it is especially ridiculous today since we have the personal computers.

My company has about 60 employees and I have only one non-productive person and she works only about 3-1/2 to 4 days a week and then I have about 4 workers who constantly work on our direct mail and our database.

There are several reasons I would never let my wife set up my accounting system, nor my CPA, nor a secretary who is smarter than myself. You have to know for a fact that your books are simple, accurate, and you have to constantly tweak your system so it is flawless. You have to be able to fire your bookkeeper and know exactly where everything is and you have to keep your records accurate to the penny because mistakes add up when you get an audit from the IRS or an insurance company and this causes a credibility problem.

A shop with less than 10 employees should be able to handle all their paperwork including billing, payroll, tax payments, etc. in 1 good day and absolutely no more than two days for a bad system.
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