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Office 365 on Android Device

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So I decided today that I would give Office 365 a go and noticed you can install it on a mobile device, so I am curious has anyone tried it on their mobile device and if so how well does it work?
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I use it and dig it. I made all my form editable pet's so it's allowed to go paperless. Plus anytime I make a change to a form it automatically adjusts it for all my employees. No one calls me if they're out of forms. All my guys have USB cables for their phones and in the event they run out of a form they've printed right from a customers computer. Not the best impression but it gets it done.
I use Kingsoft Office on my Android and on my Laptop. I have almost dispensed with Microsoft Office completely.
I use Office Suite 7. It does everything I need and it sync's with all the popular cloud storage services.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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