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I have a couple Occidental accessories up for sale.

The first one is the Occidental 6568 Calculator Case. I've used this for a week and I realized that I prefer the belt loop version over the clip version. The clip just doesn't work for my 3" belt. There are a few minor scratches and marks from this week's use, but as you can see in the pics, nothing major. $22 shipped with PayPal fees included. Uploads/Marbles/Case

Second item is the Occidental suspender D-ring loops. Set of four, these have been used for a week as well and then I decided to get the hip buddies so I have no use for these any longer. Same with the calculator case, minor scratches or marks on these, but nothing major by any stretch. $15 shipped for these PayPal fees included.

Take the loops and case for $30 shipped.

I understand this is my first post as I'm usually just a lurker around here, but
I have favorable reputation and feedback on other forums which include Bladeforums and CPFMarletplace both under the same user name, StinkyTool. I also have 100% positive feedback on eBay under the name StinkyTool00. Thanks for looking! Feel free to ask any questions.
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