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NuHeat Damaged

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I have Nu-Heat Mat in my master bath under tiles. The mat was installed by a tiling company who also installed the tile and grout. Unfortunately, they were unable to complete all the work around the tile and grouted mat. Another tile company had to finish the work (cleaning and sealing of tiles). In the cleaning process, they cleaned the tiled and grouted area.

The Nu-Heat mat does not work and the Tile install company claims that the other tile company (one who cleaned and sealed the tile and grout) cut the Mat during the cleaning and sealing process which I watched and did not see them cut any Nu-Heat Mat.

Question: Was it possible during the cleaning and sealing process for the Nu-Heat to get cut? Remember grout was in place and tile installed before cleaning and sealing.

Thank you :confused:
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Company 1 doesn't have a leg to stand on

Mike Finley said:
Well then, unless the guys who cleaned and sealed used some sort of sharp tools for some reason other than sealing or cleaning they shouldn't have been able to damage it.

Cleaning and sealing grout just consists of a bucket of water and a sponge to clean and a jar of sealer and maybe a foam brush to apply. If that is all they did I don't see how they could damage it. If they did something else that you don't know about then who knows???????
I totally agree with this. Unless the mat was installed incorrectly to begin with, cleaning and sealing should not have even allowed the mat to be touched. The mat should be unaccessible under the tile. Company 1 dropped the ball by not finishing the job in the first place. My tile setters come out to bid, install, clean and inspect after the job is complete - very comprehensive. They wouldn't dream of letting another contractor clean up their project.
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