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I'm a licensed Rhode Island contractor. I'm in the process of getting my Massachusetts contractors license. To do so I have to also get a license to be a 'Construction Supervisor' which requires taking a test in the field I am applying for ( Roofing ). I'm allowed to bring references such as building code books, etc. which I am able to get from the internet for free. The one thing I can not get online for free is the 'NRCA Steep slope manual (2009)' which apparently makes up 73 % of the test.
I'm wondering if anyone is from Mass or the surrounding areas that may have taken this test that could let me know if it is absolutely necessary that I go and buy this book or can this test be passed with general roofing knowledge. I've been roofing for over ten years. I carry my Osha card.
Any help would be much appreciated.
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