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North Carolina/General Contractor

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I need to know if you can be your own General Contractor in North Carolina? I have a cabin there that my wife bought and I want to finish it myself. I am currently a licensed General Contrator in TN. Any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciatted.

Troy Allen
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Troy I cannot answer your question but I happen to work for a licensing Board in NC and can give you the web site for NC General Contractors, it is:

Hope it helps
Troy, if you are doing anything within city boundaries, you are going to have to check. In my experience, over 20 yrs., if it is County, nobody seems to care. My home up there is located between Boone, Charlotte an Winston-Salem. I tryed to play by the rules and nobody wanted to play, the few times that I did manage to get an inspector to the house, he stood in the living room for a few minutes and signed off on everything. My next door neighbor, about 1/2 mi. away, put up a new barn and when I questioned him about the electrics he simply said that he'd done it all himself. Obvious.
My house is 15 miles from the nearest town and nobody wants to drive that far, if you burn down, it's your fault. America as it should be!
I just checked this out at

The information at this site tells me that as long as the value of the project is less than $30,000 you dont need a license.
That is, most likely, correct and if they give you any trouble just remember that you can't read or write. Make your mark where they tell you.
You are good to go man. I got this off the NC website:
For the purpose of this Article any person or firm or corporation who for a fixed
price, commission, fee, or wage, undertakes to bid upon or to construct or who
undertakes to superintend or manage, on his own behalf or for any person, firm,
or corporation that is not licensed as a general contractor pursuant to this Article,
the construction of any building, highway, public utilities, grading or any improvement
or structure where the cost of the undertaking is thirty thousand dollars
($30,000) or more, or undertakes to erect a North Carolina labeled manufactured
modular building meeting the North Carolina State Building Code, shall be
deemed to be a “general contractor” engaged in the business of general contracting
in the State of North Carolina.
This section shall not apply to persons or firms or corporations furnishing or
erecting industrial equipment, power plant equipment, radial brick chimneys, and
This section shall not apply to any person or firm or corporation who constructs
or alters a building on land owned by that person, firm or corporation provided
such building is intended solely for occupancy by that person and his family, firm,
or corporation after completion; and provided further that, if such building is not
occupied solely by such person and his family, firm, or corporation for at least 12
months following completion, it shall be presumed that the person, firm, or corporation
did not intend such building solely for occupancy by that person and his
family, firm, or corporation.
I've always found, after working 25 years in 4 states and many towns and citys, even NC, that if you own the structure, they "most the time" cut you some slack,..... all the way around.

Guess they figure, chances are, you will at least find out how to do it right.

Hello wolfcub. I read your reply in response to building in NC and i would like for you if you would, please tell me which resources and where to get them, that is needed to thouroughly educate oneself with intentions of taking and passing the NC contractors exam for limited residential building construction. I really appreciate your response. Thanks.
I would suggest contacting the Contractor's Board and ask them I work for a different licensing Board and am not familiar with there licensing requirements but the NC Contractor's Board should be able to assist you.
id sell it that state has some harsh
laws lol
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