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Just stopping in to say hello. I'm from Pittsburgh, PA where my brother and I have recently started our own business. We have mostly just done residential landscape construction jobs such as retaining walls, concrete patios and walkways, interlocking concrete patios, ponds, and smaller excavation jobs. We currently rent alot of our equipment, but are hoping to purchase some pieces of iron soon and get into larger excavation/sitework jobs. I've been in the construction industry for 12 years, and my brother was a salesman, until he quit his job recently (he said the hours were too long, lol he's in for a treat). He has a little bit of landscaping and small machinery experience, but mainly he's one hell of a laborer. I have to do all the thinking and planning, but I don't mind, I have learned alot about this industry, but I still don't know everything, so hopefully this site will provide me with some more info and ideas.
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