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Noob contract question

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Sorry to bore, this most likely is not a real brain bender for seasoned pros. And in this case, by "seasoned" I mean in business more than 2 weeks.

How do you include a specific start finish date in your contract if you don't know when you will have permit in hand?

thanks in advance
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I have a line in our contract that says:
Any significant changes, alterations, or additions to, or deletions from the drawings, specifications, stipulations and scope of work for this project ordered by any public body, utility, or inspector, shall constitute a change in the work, and shall be documented in and paid for by Change Orders.
My language, not a lawyer's. It's to cover for cranky inspectors, etc.

Also, I put all the time delays on Change Orders, not just the money/spec changes. I always have a revised completion date on each CO. I also have language that says there's no penalty if our proposed start/finish dates are not met exactly. The CO is the main tool here, as you can add days easily and show the customer where his choices pushed the finish out. My CO form has about 7 lines, each with a "crew-days" number showing how much time the customer agrees will be added to the completion date.
It doesn't make the next-in-line customer happy, but at least you're not arguing about why-aren't-you-done-yet with the current one.
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