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Noob contract question

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Sorry to bore, this most likely is not a real brain bender for seasoned pros. And in this case, by "seasoned" I mean in business more than 2 weeks.

How do you include a specific start finish date in your contract if you don't know when you will have permit in hand?

thanks in advance
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"Anticipated Start Date:#####
Anticipated Completion Date:#####

Contractor will apply for permits on acceptance of this agreement. Actual start date will be within X days of permit being issued.

Contractor not resonsible for delays caused by.... "
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Since none of us are attorneys and as such cannot give you legal advice--my post was for entertainment purposes only... :whistling

(And yes... always include the common CYA language regarding weather, acts of god, shortages of material, plagues, vengeful acts of ex wives/girlfriends, family strife, stubbed toes, etc. etc. etc.)
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