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We are opening nominations for our July 2014 Contractor of the Month today!

Nominations will be accepted until July 11, 2014 after which we will total up the top 5 member nominations for a final vote.

Keep in mind that nominees should be members who exemplify knowledge in the field, business experience, contributions to the community, good reputation, and integrity. You may nominate anyone in the community that you feel embodies these traits. However, that you may not nominate yourself.

To Qualify:
- Nominees must have a minimum of 250 posts in the community.
- Nominees must be willing to provide a picture (business logo is fine) and a unique biography. Failing to provide these in a timely manner will disqualify the nomination so you may want to start working on your stories now just in case!

See Examples of Featured Contractor Biographies Here:

Additional Notes:
- You can only win Contractor of the Month one time per year.
- Each member can only nominate ONE member per voting cycle.
- We, the ContractorTalk Staff, reserve the right to screen all nominees.
- As members of the community, moderators are also eligible for nomination.

Let the nominations begin! :thumbup:

Added Note: Please provide a link to the profile of the member you choose to nominate. THANK YOU!
1 - 20 of 76 Posts
Not open for further replies.