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I recently moved back to my home state of NJ from SC and have been in flooring for the past year and a half trying to stay in this field because i enjoy it. (Hard surfaces - no exp. in sanding/refinishing or sheet good - no carpet either)

Do not have my FCI or contractors license I plan on both. My father has owned his own G.C. business since I was born and always pushed me to stay away from the business but naturally I was born and bread in it. He recently started collecting from his disability policies as a result of continuing failing body parts. So in turn, I will probably end up buying his van and using his tools to start up my own business but being the person I am and having his influence, being a self-employed general contractor for 30+ years he and I both feel I need more experience before I jump into a business.

If anyone around the area is looking for help please let me know, thanks.

Chris - (908)565-4572
Clean record, DL w/ no pts.
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