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Its amazing what you can do with good organization. Years ago, I was involved in building a 24 hour house. It was to be used as a runaway shelter. All walls were panelized ahead of time, and they started the clock with the foundation already in. I was not involved in the framing, but was working as a drywall hanger on this project. Couple of small hurdles, one of which involved a salesman breaking his arm after falling through the stair hole, and the inspector through in a few wrinkles as well. This hous was not tiny either. About 3200 sq ft. After 24 hours, they declared it finished, although the painters and drywall finishers were still finishing up.

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These are great as long as you are not the homeowner stuck with them a couple of years later. :eek:

We all know that there are just too many areas that require drying/setting/curing time periods for this kind of game to endure. Just a few come to mind right now...

I will not allow painting of stucco until at least three full cycles of thorough wetting and drying have passed to leach out the lime.

And the stages of stucco, itself, require curing time between applications.

My woodwork (doors, trim, etc.) all gets three coats of paint... with 24 hours (and sanding) between each coat.

Concrete lintel beams get at least three days curing before throwing a roof structure on them.

Tile (all over the house) has no less than 24 hours before a foot gets set on it. (Should be a lot longer) And grouting sure does not occur on the same day as setting... nor does sealing come right on the heels of grouting.

And do your countertop guys not template? This simply cannot be done correctly within a 24 hour period.... walls, floor, board, paint, cabinets... before the countertop can even be templated?

Even our plumbing pressure tests require 24 hours sitting bleed-down testing time.

We all know we can throw up a structure in record time, but what have we constructed? I shudder to think.

Reminds me, we had one of those "Extreme" houses done for a blind guy in our city a few years ago. I think I'll drive by and see how it looks today.
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