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Night blasting

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Catching the mid night train

Night Midnight Architecture Darkness Industry

Sky Night Iron Architecture Metal

Transport Vehicle Mode of transport Asphalt Locomotive
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If you don't mind answering, roughly how much do you earn (or how long it takes) blasting something that big?

Do you get a premium for blasting at night? I would guess the RR has plenty of work lights for you to use.
Shoot bro im just trying to make a decent living the same as the rest of you contractors and I'm sure as done of you know money cones and goes I try holding on but seems we always need something replaced or repaired
I only do night blasting when I'm really trying to push to get my job done within a time frame or catch up from down time this job took us 7 hours to blast X two blasters if I were to bill just for blasting 3k up to 6
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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