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Nice to meet you all. Pipe Lining/ Epoxy

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I'm new to the site and wanted to introduce myself. I work for ACE Duraflo which is a pipe rehabilitation contractor. We repair potable and drain pipes of all shapes and sizes without accessing the pipes through walls, ceilings, foundations, digging of trenches etc. If you see a problem pipe and don't have good access to replace/ repair it using traditional means, we can help. If you run into a plumbing system with los of pinhole leaks in copper we can fix the problem and prevent future corrosion. If you run into galvanized pipes with thick corrosion that affects water color or pressure, we can help. If you have drain pipes that are cracked, crushed, rotting or otherwise damaged we can probably fix them without digging trenches. We are here to learn and offer advice to anyone who may offer it or need it. Feel free to contact anytime.


Matt Weinstein
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