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Yeah, I have another question:whistling

Thanks to you guys that have been helping me out along the way!

I hate installing gutters!.... The only experience I have is pre-made K-gutters with all the PITA fittings, though I have re-installed seamless sytems, and it's SO much better/easier. We almost exclusively use a seamless sub-contractor.

Is there any reason "not" to use seamless gutters?

My folks have an insanely frugal, overly ambitous, DIY attitude....well, they are set to install their own gutters.:shutup: The only service they've ever hired is HVAC repair, carpet install and roto-rooter..........or me. So my mom is stoked about some internet gutter supplier (forget the name...kinda blocked it out)...pre made with fittings, delivered per online order.....

I gave them two options...hire our sub, or use our local siding supplier come roll out the lengths and I'll install them. They, don't want seamless incase there's snow/storm damage. If so, a sectioned system would be easier to repair.

I kinda just wanna walk away, get back to my real job, and let them deal with it....

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You got it right, there is no reason on earth not to use seamless gutters, price in gutter, fittings, hangers retail compared to seamless (around here its like $3.50 a foot tops installed). Then after installing the DIY gutter system come the leaks, eventually at every joint/fitting, they just start appearing like magic.
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