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Hi all, a little about myself.
I am 39 and have been building houses for the last 18 yrs. I started right out of high school working for a contractor and know have my own thing going. I like all parts of building from the foundation to finish.
I also have a wood shop and build all the trim,cabinets and vanities for the houses I build.
I'm glad that I found this place, looks like a lot of experience and a good bunch of people.
I'm just starting a project, 5000 sq' on the pond. I will be pouring the footers on Tuesday and start on the ICF soon after. We are getting a late start on this one, it has snowed once already this fall.
I just posted my first post to see if I could get some information on a air dome construction tent.
I'm glad to be apart of this network of professionals and look forward to meeting some new people.
Thanks for your time and see you around, Robert


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