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Hey all,

Here in Portland, OR. I'm trying to learn what I can from all the great conversations and ideas that keep appearing on this site. Thought I'd actually join, so I don't feel like I'm some government wire tap or something.

Fair Disclosure: I work with several building product companies, mostly trying to find ways to sell their products into dealers and big distribution houses. So I like to hear what working contractors like and dislike about products and services that might be helpful to me. I work with Milgard Windows, LP, Owens Corning and Collins Companies' TruWood Siding group.

In the past I've worked with several contracting outfits in my area, but now am more an avid "Do It For Me" type with some hefty DIY skills from contracting days. Next time I get laid off (and it's happened a lot) I'll be calling y'all for jobs.

Thanks for all the great ideas and conversation, particularly about what to look for in a window manufacturer - quality, price and service....

Best regards,

- Paul

[email protected]
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