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New tractor service business, advise needed please

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I recently bought a brand new Kubota L45 TLB for my property and to start a part time tractor business. I hire myself out for field mowing, excavation, leveling driveways and lots, irrigation and drainage trenches, fire breaks, digging footings, graves, ect.

Business has been busy and now I want to get my Contractor's License and make everything legit.

I've got around 25 years in the Golf Course landscaping industry and held a position as Superintendent for over 8 years.

My first question is:
What license does a "tractor guy" need?

I was told to get a Class "A" license but I think my experience will only allow for me to get a Landscape License.

2nd question:
What tractor duties are limited to with a landscape license?

Thanks for helping me get started!
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Depends what state you are in for the license.
In NJ you need to be registered with a Home Improvement registration number. If you get involved with any type of fertilizer and pest control with your mowing you would need a license for that too.
I'm in California and do not plan to fertilize or do pest control.
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