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New Toy !

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Got me a new Qaud copter pics are going to be a little different now


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Pretty cool....:thumbsup:

Altitude those pics shot from?

Now get one big enough to pick up a unit of 5/8" ply...:laughing::thumbsup:
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I was expecting a zoom boom but this is pretty damn cool too :thumbup:
thats a great idea! is it hard to fly?

The only rc experiance I have is with radioshack cars from my childhood... :whistling
Bad ass. Which one did you get?
Blade Q350X


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Is it faster to Drywall the demising trusses up top?
It's a modify 2 hour wall were not doing any sheet rock
God Damn that is sweet...It takes some good quality pictures :thumbsup: What model is that and who makes it?! I need to get me a toy like this for Christmas :laughing:
Sweet pics man. Now I have a more valid reason I can give to my wife for buying one :laughing:
Californiadecks said:
Not bad at all and it looks a lot nicer than the ones they fly around the kiosk in the mall by me. Now I can by a go pro too
The pictures look great. I would love to have one of those. My neighbors would shoot it down though. They would think it was a government drone.
I need to get one of those.
Yes that's the one I have it's a blade 350 sweet machine
Does it have its own camera on it or do you have to use it with a GOOut of the Furnace o-Pro?For that price and the price of a Go-Pro its close to 1k.A little expensive if you crash.
Go pro bought secretly
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