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Hey guys, been reading up around the site for a while, decided to join up.

My names Ed, Im working out of the Oklahoma area. I've been in the flooring business for a little over three years. The length of time I've been in it doesnt sound impressive, but I am confident in my abilities, as are customers. I've been working for a highly reputable company since I started. We do carpet, wood floors, laminate, VCT. I started out as the grunt, I now run the crew. We handle many large accounts. I have to balance work between college. Im only 20, going to school for Petroleum Geology.

I just recently went into business for myself, Dynamic Flooring. Im still somewhat new to the business side, but Im learning. I've done a lot of jobs that Ive gotten for myself before opening my own. Im doing wood floors mostly, and carpet but I enjoy wood floors much more. I plan on starting in on tile soon, currently doing a tile job at my folks house as a learning experience. Ill be attending a class beginning of next year to learn more. I wont be doing any tile work for anyone other then family until Im confident in my ability and able to guarantee my work.

Sooo theres my intro. Wanted to say thanks to the site and everyone who contributes to it, I've already learned quite a bit. I know I'll learn more as time goes on.
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