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I'm new here and am glad to have found this site! I already started taking advantage of it!! I'm 34 years old and have owned my remodeling business now for just over 3 years. I've been doing remodels and insurance work for probably about 7 years. I love remodeling and actually prefer it to new construction.
I do a bit w/ reclamed hardwoods, helped tear down some old warehouses that we harvested the heart pine out of and milled it into wide plank flooring. Still trying to pursue more of this but the economy has been working against me! I've also restored a bit of flooring that I tore out of some old farm houses I redid (old maple is beautiful) and used the wood to build some furniture and a bar for some costomers. I've refinished a few hardwood floors but cant wait to start searching the flooring section to hopefully learn some new tricks. I've also installed quite a few hardwood floors but ditto on the searching here as well.
I did hand make one big hickory kitchen that actually turned out amazing (the customer still raves to me about it!) but these are hard to get when you have to compete w/ big box pricing and more impotantly I cant finance! Hopefully soon I'll figure out how to post pics on forums and put up some of what I've done.
Right now I'm remodeling a bathroom and was supposed to start framing a house but lost out on a bid that was just retarded cheap. I bid $6710.00 to rough frame, t111 side, set doors, windows, and sheat a 32'x 26' two story (2nd story was trusses) w/ a 12' x 16' upstairs room that stuck out over the front entry and lost to bid for $4800!!!!! The bid did'nt include materials but still, I was nervous at my bid, I dont see how any one could work that cheap!!
Any how, this is me in a nut shell.
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