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Hello to All,
Hi ive been a painter for about 12 years and have always worked for my dad.He was the hardest working man i knew, long hours was nothing to him.
Well he recently passed away so i am taking over his buisness the only problem is, is that the didnt get the chance to show me how he ran the buisness.I think the reason he never got around to it was he was scared that i would try to start my own business.I would have never done that so now i am stuck trying to figure out what to do.I have finished all the work he had bidded out before and now i have run kind of dry of work.He never advertised all his work was word of mouth.I have had some of his friends come by and offer me work but they could not pay me what i was making.Not only was i painting i also do tape bed texture also.That way my dad could do all phases of work, it kept us busy.
Im not sure that i want to take this on but i love the work i do.Well to get to the point here and im trying not to make this a long post so i need to know how to bid jobs out for tape bed texture and painting.Should i advertise?(oh by the way i am in texas)Im not sure how to charge if i should charge by the hour or bid the job out.Im not sure how to bid out by the square foot and how much to charge its all confusing to me.All i did was work i didnt have to worry about it.My dad did all that. Im thinking about just going to work for someone else but i do not think ill get the money i was making.I was getting 15.00 hr from my dad.Ive even thought about going back to florida but with all the hurricans it makes me think twice.
Sorry about dumping my problems on other people but i need some advise on what to do.Thanks for reading my post.Any advise would help me right now.Thanks
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