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More info

Welcome Derry,

Give us some more info about yourself - How long in the trades - type of work - self employed - that kind of stuff.

Try a search for past posts on double stud framing.

Contribute when you can.
Hello I am a carpenter for 14 years where does the time go,self employed with 2 poeple working for me use to have 10 but the recesion has hit us hard we do all aspects of carpentry ,timber frame ,2nd fix,floors,roofs,ect.We are builbing a new house for my brother thinking of using a double stud wall with 100x47 50mm gap 100x47 sheathing 50mm gap concrete blocks, thinking of using spray foam insulation. The block on the outside is the norm for timber frame here in Ireland.I would be interested in anyones opinion on this
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