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New to site, very glad i found yoiu all.

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Hello all, am new to the site . I have been in construction "residential" for 17 years ........holy cra... i have done just about all ther is to do sometimes I wish I haden't. I do mostly exterior trim and siding now. Hardi esp. I have encountered just about every problem known to "siders". Mostly caused by ignorant frameres. No offense intended toward any of you. Just glad to be here and look forward to being a part of this base of knowledge, lord knows I will need it at some point. Dos Clavos AKA Nick
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Welcome Nick, I,m sure that you'll have some valuable input. This subject tends to arise frequently. I'm considering Hardee for numerous projects in the near future, don't be a stranger.
We all apololgize for Bob but he's....................Bob!
Hang around and you'll get used to him.
Framer, what happens in OR? People rust?
Flor, I have been contemplating buying a hunt camp up there for years. Any idea how much one would cost, say around 1500 sq,ft,? Doesn't need to be near town, I think that the soft track vehicles that we use here in the swamps would work fine up there with few modifications.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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