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I was a contract floor cover installer working with lino, vinyl tile, carpet, and ceramic tile. I also worked with wall tile and did a little mica work. I totaled up around 20 plus years and then had a big crash, truck. I'm not able to do as much in flooring and tiling as I use to but have knowledge in the field. Tried a little consulting work for a company looking at and coming up with solutions to jobs that didn't go well but being a little more hands on I got bored and moved on to something different. I'm currently doing building maintenance work for our school system and am working on putting together a wood working shop where I hope to give seminars and work on my hobbie of wood working. I have come accross a lot of good info on the internet and thought I'd post and if I can help someone I'd be glad to do so. Stop here this is proubly all ready to long new to this.
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