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Hi All - new to site and not sure if this is the best spot to post so feel free to move if not applicable to GD.

Quick Background:
- Currently employed full time with a local general contractor. Making plans to start my own business. Going to work full time for as long as I can stand it (been over 6 yrs now) and trying to buy as much equipment now so when I cut ties w/ my weekly paycheck I will have as many resources as possible.
I could go on for a while about where I am at, and where I want to go, but I thought I would post now looking for some help on a business name.
I feel it is important and have had writer's block on this for a while now. I have been doing 'side work' since middle school and grew up here so people know my name, and would like to have that in the name for recognition.

Services would include property management (res & commercial) including lawn, landscaping, plowing, etc. Also excavation and sitework. Could also do contracting and utilize a strong network of subs and my experience in the GC world (and self perform what I am comfortable doing).

I know I can stay busy with lawn mowing, landscaping, general outside property management. However, I do not want to do just that forever and only keep good clients for that work with my eventual goal to do as much excavation and sitework as possible as I grow and become more experienced; my goal with a name is to include recognition for both but not limit out either. if that makes sense.

Sorry for the rambling post but I thought someone might have a are a couple of ideas that I have had but none seem to be 'the one':

VT Property Solutions
Waterman Property Solutions
Waterman Contracting
Waterman Ground to Bldg Services (some type of play on words?)

Maybe I am over thinking this ;-) but Thanks in advance for any help !

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I don't know how much help I can be without knowing more but I do like the fact that you live in one of the few places where no one would ask me how to spell my last name. :)

I hear you have beautiful skiing there too. I need to make a point of getting there and experiencing that.

For all CT members not familiar with my meaning, Thomas Chittenden was the first Governor of VT which is why Chittenden County and many other things in VT are named after him. I am a descendant but I don't have the records to show the chain.
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