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New Sign

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Put up a new sign on my building yesterday.


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Thanks! My old sign was in pretty rough shape. Thinking about doing some landscaping around here too. Pretty much just gravel and concrete, need to dress it up a little.
brickhook said:
Looks good !:thumbsup:
bitchin", now, with all that light, I wanna see it lit up!!!!!
I'll try to remember to snap a pic one morning. I think I need to adjust the angle of those lights anyways.
Well I'm not a good photo taker guy, so here ya go. I think the lights need adjusting!


This may be too late, but what about lighting it from the top down so some light will wash over the parking lot too?

Very nice. Btw
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You're probably right, but Yeah it's a little too late for that.
Great sign. Nice and simple
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