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New service entry pannel

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A friend put a new service pannel in his apt building. He asked me to install an extra circut. I started looking at the pannel and he has a floating nutral bus bar, not bonded. and his grounds and nutrals are all lugged off on both the nutral and ground bus bar, mixed up about 50/50 with some grounds not even lugged. Anyone, What could he expect in probs?
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This means the ground going from the main disconnect to the panel will be carrying current. This is dangerous and should be corrected immediately.
It is not hard to fix but you will need to turn off any circuits affected.

Did he replace the panel himself? Sorry to sound harsh but if he did he has no place doing electrical work! If he hired someone then they have no place doing electricla work.
This is a very basic part of the code and anyone with the credentials to do this type of work would know that. Especially in an apartment building.
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