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New potential EPA coal ash regulations. Slag blasters [email protected]@K

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Ive been a big advocate for crushed glass now for about 18 months, I think the green movement will make blasting with coal slag impossible in the very near future. The EPA is contemplating the idea of making coal ash and its byproducts (blasting media) hazardous material. A recent contaimination in Tennesse at a power plant has envolked this new proposed reguation. Our state (ND) is fighting these proposed regulations tooth and nail so its a guessing game at this point what will happen, it may just be a matter of time.

check out this article.
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Not worried about it. Coal slag is not a Coal Ash. Coal Slag blasting products does not have the heavy metals, lead and other things that some other blast material suppliers have stated. If it did then all the jobs that I have been on in over 20 years having TCLIP test done on all spent abrasive would have showed all the heavy metals and other poisons that some are claiming Coal Slag to have in it. One such Crushed Glass producer has even gone out and sent out large volumes of e-mails to many telling us how bad Coal Slag is and has mentioned one large coal slag producer by name many times in the e-mails which will and can get them in a big legal issue quick. So, I am not one to jump on the band wagon of the crushed glass craze just yet. I have not seen better profiles since the hardness of the crushed glass is not that great over the the other abrasives out there. I still promote the use of Coal Slag products because I have had the spent material tested for years and so far no lead, mercury or other harmful materials have ever showed up on any of the TCLIP test yet. Use what you want, but please do not try to scare people into using something that has just hit the market in the last couple of years. Coal Slag abrasives have been used safely for many many years. Coal Slag is Coal Slag. Coal Ash is something different. Just my two cents. Take it for what it's worth.
Great take on it Benny, Im not trying to envoke a scare tactic. I mainly like the glass for its clean up ability, profile is nice and its clean. Blasting media was mentioned in this article so thats where I drew the reference. thanks.
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