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New Porch--Paint, poly, or sealer?

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Installing a new porch, NJ shore, 4" X 1" mahogny, and cannot decide whether paint, poly or sealer is my best option for long time lasting. Any ideas or suggestions gladly appreciated.
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I just installed a T&G mahogany porch floor on my house last summer.

I asked on here the best coating to seal it and got mixed responses so after some research on my own i decided to go with oil based Australian Timber Oil. Well it didn't even last a year. so I have to coat it again.

Spar Varnish is not recommended for porch floors.

Why would you paint it?

What do you think about just linseed oil and thinner mixed and just seal it every year?
Hire a pro
Get on a maintenance contract with them
Bite the bullet

Would you recommend someone going on this forum to tackle all their HVAC installations or repairs? Nope.

Mahogany takes the same steps as it all. Strip, pH balance and apply oil stain. Hardwood finish will not last as long, so it will be a yearly thing, but this wood is too expensive to make it your hobby learning deal.

Armstrong Clark is what I use and love, but there are others as long as you steer clear of the big box stores and hardware stores.
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Old thread here, but can you believe in that in 3 months the only post this "HVAC" guy contributed was to get answers on how to finish his mahogany deck he built?

Why cant homeowners or other contractors be honest, fess up this is not something you have skills in and pass on the work or better yet, pass it on to someone who is trained in this application?

:rolleyes: Geesh!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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