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So I am looking to buy a new nail gun (s).

I have settled on MAX or Hitachi.

I used to own and use the Hitachi. It's a 20 degree full-round head nailer. I have even shot .162 ga 3 1/2" HDGs through it. A real "man's" gun.

I loved that gun but sold it during the lean times. (I don't think its made in Japan anymore, so that kinda sucks)

Now as for MAX. What are the pros/cons between 20 degree versus the 28 and 34 degree types?

20 degree

28 degrees

34 degree

I will only use full-round head (a code thing). If they are both full-round nailers, is there an advantage having one over the other. And, they are STILL MADE IN JAPAN.

I still have a Paslode F-350S that I ordered when I was in Afghanistan the last time (Paslode 30 degree nails are all that are over here)

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Are you sure the max is still made in japan? All the finish guns and roofers say tiawan or china on them

We had the clipped head max an it is a nice reliable gun. I found it under powered though when toenailing and shooting in rims and lvls.

I like the newer hitachis. They have been reliable for me, just as light as the max, and the most driving power of any framer I have used

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I bought a Hitachi 20 degree gun last year during a promotion. I had no idea that it was the 20 degree and not the 30 like all my other guns. I was not impressed at all. Used it for two whole jobs and then bought two Max full head 30 degree super framers. So far so good after 6 months.

I also like that my nickname is right there on the label "Super Framer"
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