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Hi all, just joined this forum today after stumbling upon it.

a little bit about me: from So. Calif and moved to Thailand 22 years ago.
Before moving I had a construction/remodeling business, owned & operated a mayco concrete pump and spent about seven years on my hands and knees installing tile, pouring concrete and doing most other trades. I adopted the title "Jack-of-all-trades, master of none", except for tile, I think I got pretty good at it and made some good money during those years although not even close to concrete pumping, especially, shot-creting pools....those were the good ole days in the 70's swimming pool boom in southern Calif....I've never made the kind of money I made back then.....$500 a pool and usually, two a day...., got married, bought a house, sailboat, nice truck, car, toys, just living a modest lifestyle surrounded by rice fields and mostly friendly people and 'no bills' except monthly power & water. I enjoy not having to work just to pay bills.
Things are still slow since the global enconomic meltdown but I have enough to keep me busy and I bank most of the income. One reason I left the states was because after working hard for about 18 years I tore up my credit cards and paid everything off and ended up with very little to show for all those years.

Since living in Thailand I've been managing construction projects of various types & sizes and for the past few years mainly design & construction plans for other expats living here.....note: the way they build over here would make most westerner's cringe:w00t: concrete, tile, electrical, etc.

I plan to post photos of different construction applications as soon as I figure out how to insert them ! Does one have to use a web link to insert a photo? couldn't figure that one out....

cheers all,
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