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Hello All,

I appreciate the moderators creating this spot for us brickies. I should introduce myself I guess. I am 30 years old having been in the masonry trade for about 7 years or so. My wife and I just moved to Aiken SC a year ago Feb. and I have been working on developing my business since then. Amazingly enough it hasn't been to hard although I am still real small. The bad rap/stereotype that masons and all tradesman seem to have is esp. true here in Aiken. Fortunately I am not bound by that sterotype, meaning I am cleancut, show up on time, somewhat organized, able to hold a conversation and hard working so jobs have kind of flowed my direction.

I enjoy the business aspect of running this business and am looking for all information and experiences to getting this business to the next level. As of right now I am the primary employee and I hire laborers as needed. Ideally I would like to develop a crew of 1 to 2 masons with a laborer and go from there, but that is a big step when you are starting out from the bottom. But the challenge is the fun part I guess.

I am at the stage right now of trying to decide what direction I want to take this business. I am trying to decied whether to specialize in Ornamental Masonry, residential/commercial hardscapes, pavers, etc.

Sorry to be so long winded but I am looking forward to reading/learning and hopefully contributing what I know to this forum to help it grow.

Tim Newcome

I am attaching a couple of pics from my last "real" project just for fun.
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