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New Member from the UK

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Nick Drew, and I have been involved with plant & machinery since I was 8yrs old when I used to go to work with my late Father at the weekends, I have now been operating for over 25yrs primarily on 360 degree excavators because they are my favourite machines.

I work as a self employed operator and also take on weekend work with my 3 ton mini digger.

I also write the Digger blog for the UK based magazine Contract Journal as well as being a member of quite a few plant and machinery forums, I enjoy this very much as I am passionate about plant & machinery.

In my spare time when I was younger I played ice hockey at British league division one level for Southampton Vikings which I played for over 20 yrs and had some of the best years of my life!! nowadays I enjoy Cycling, Helping my partner with her horse breeding business (Dont ask!!) and of course my involvement with the plant & machinery websites which I enjoy very much.....A bit too much according to my partner!!

Looking forward to more input here !:clap:

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Welcome to CT Nick - would you do us a favor & put your location in your profile

I take it by cycling your talking about road, or are you into cross, or?
Hi Sean,

Thanks for the welcome !! At least I got one :laughing:

As you can probably see I have been a member for sometime now but have only just started posting :whistling

The cycling I do is only recreational road cycling and not as often as I should do either :rolleyes:

Nick :thumbsup:
Welcome Nick....belatedly ;)
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