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Hello everybody. I just wanted to jump in here and say hello. I have been browsing this forum for a couple hours now, and have found a lot of useful information and knowledgeable members, so I figured I would join.

A little history about us...We are extremely new to the general contractor industry (5 months). We have been fortunate to stay busy, and maintain a fair amount of return customers. As a business we employ 6 full time employees, not including myself the owner, estimator, worker, accounts receivable, accounts payable, data entry, etc. The 2 jobs that I refuse to perform are #1. Accountant & #2. Attorney. Every business owner that gave me advice coming up....told me those are the 2 jobs you never want to do. Advice taken, and ran with.

As a business entity, we perform contract welding, steel erection (structural and miscellaneous), pre-engineered metal buildings, inspection services, and professional consultations (focused at welding, steel construction). My brother and I got sick and tired of working for the two bit mom and pop shops that worried more about money than safety and performing quality work.....Honesty and Integrity, 2 words we grew up we uprooted and started our own company, focusing on Honesty and Integrity. We would rather loose money and do the job correctly, than make money and sell our values.

I am an AWS (American Welding Society) CWI (Certified Welding Inspector), and AWS, ASME, API & WABO certified welder. My brother is an AWS, ASME, API & WABO certified welder (he will be taking his CWI test this spring). We both have experience as ironworkers (rigging, welding, connecting, decking, etc.), Piping systems (manifolds, in-process, line work, etc.), Cryogenic vessels including rehab & new fab. I have certs in SMAW (Stick), FCAW (Flux-Core), GMAW (mig, wire feed), GTAW (tig, heli-arc) in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum, in both plate (structural) and Pipe....My brother is catching up to me, but is lacking some of the processes.

There is a little but about us. I will be visiting this site as much as possible, and hopefully will be able to become an asset here, and help others too.

If you are interested you can visit our website

Sincerely and thank you for the site.

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