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Hi, My name is Tim. I live in San Diego were the construction industry is ok right now, even in the ression, haha.

I do roofing, raingutters, and carpentry.

I am building a website dedicated to selling antique building materials. Cobblestones, bricks, beams, doors, wrought iron, and flooring.

I'm open to any idea's or suggestions. There's actually some really cool stuff on there, and still a lot of stuff I have to add.

I'm not trying to use this site to promote it. I don't know crap about that stuff yet.

I just want to get a nice store going. I would like any suggestions as to what other type of specialty items I can add on there, and I'm very interested in any advice or help I can receive from this site, Peace
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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