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Word I put the shingles on

Nail 'em up
Then the "F"n leak is gone

So many squares
Sometimes it's absurd

Last thing I sweat?
Building Inspector!

Move like a fly when I climb up
A flat is next BANG another roll drops

You gotta pay me cash
Cause if you pay by check
Then the IRS will get upset!

I got no time to lose
Jobs to gain

In my truck,
I always got membrane.

Of course I can fix leaks
You MF'n right

Quick when I shingle
Check my lines
Keep my seams tight!

So many squares at a time (you'd)
think there are 12 of us
19, I had a $30,000. truck!

Pay me later?
I ain't goin' fo' it

Get my forks,
I'm going to go re-rip it...

...cause I don't want to hear that crap!

I'm proud to be a New Jack Roofer!

[Yo man you know what I'm sayin?
You got it goin on my man,
I like how you're torchin' down.

You got the fly trucks, the crew, the tools!
Look at that hammer right there,
I know it's steel, it's gotta be steel!

Man, you the flyest Roofer I seen in my life!
Yo man, I just wanna drop rolls with you man,
How can I torch down?]

Watch out!
A shingle just fell down

Ease back,
Because it weighs at least 5lbs

Out the way,
It's the best made

It last longer that A.I.D.S.!

Got my crew in check
I bought a new Ford

So much work
That I never get bored

All I think about is Squares & more!
Imagine that!

Me workin' for Salvatore!
(my former employer)

That's a joke
Cause my pockets get fatter

When I die
It'd be from falling off a ladder!

You don't like my prices? "F" you!
I'm rollin' with my own crew!

And I'm a Roofer...

...R-double "o"-F-E-R...


Here I come
Time to get paid off

As I stride
My tool belt sways back and forth

I care nothin' bout heights
And that's evident

All I love is my gun
And puttin' coils in it!

You lazy,
Don't bring it.

In the end I will seal the seams
in this system.

I learned NOTHING in school
Drove me berserk

Hit the roofs with my Pop's
And now I got work!

I had nuthin
And I wanted it

Your ceiling had some water
And you called it in

Then your ceiling
Commenced to leaking

With my truck,
My repair came speedy!

Got me fixin'
Everybody's wet spots

Every flat that I do
Another roll drops!

Waterproof the plan
And that I understand


I got tar on my hand!

But Roofin' I know
And that's what I learned

I gotta get paid
I got money to earn

With my Poppy
Out on the roof,
Kick back,
Crack a Pepsi and laugh!

Cool out and watch my new Truck gleam

Is this a bump?
Or a messed up seam!

So think twice
If you're canvassing my block!

You want to get dropped
When the roof gets hot?

Since a teen
I have seen

So many squares
That it's obscene!

You don't come up much
And you better not

Watch out!
Another roll drops!

I gotta get more Contracts
Than you got!

So what if some General Contractor get naught!

That's how the job is bid
& I'm takin' it

The competitions' cheap
But I beat them on quality

Certification? "Pro"!
And I get jobs with ease!

I'm raised like a Roofer
My heart pumps Flashing!

When I chill
I chill with my suppliers

My Hatchet's my best friend
I'm never getting fired!

Don't use me
There's gonna be a catastrophe!

There'll be no other one like me!

A Roofer!

R-double "o"-F-E-R...



Roofing Sage
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No, this is... :laughing:


Roofing Sage
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Did you post this last year too, or is it a new one?

You remind me of my Dad, haha, he sings on the roof sometimes and makes up roofing songs.

I posted the "bootleg" version last time!

This one, I took my time with.

It's the remix!


Roofing Sage
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I still get a kick out of this...20 years later! :laughing:
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