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Just purchased this hot and cold frost free spigot. It has an anti-siphoning device on the end of the outlet. I called Arrow Brass and the rep said not to leave the spigot on continuously as it will degrade the anti-siphoning device.

With the current cold only spigot, I have a 4 outlet manifold attached, with two outlets leading to garden hoses with timers and a third leading to a spigot mounted on a pole next to the house to wash off muddy boots, fresh drinking water for the dog, etc.

I plan on only using the hot side occasionally but turning the cold side off and on every time I need it kind of negates my setup and is difficult to get to..

Any way around this and should I be concerned about leaving the water on?



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if your worried i agree with the above post...just add another cold only hose bib

i have a Moen H/C hosebib...i love it....found out from multiple people its a POS, but it still works great for me...its been discontinued
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