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im new here im not a cantractor or anything like that
however i do alot work for contractors here in my town
they always need there equipment Repair! and thats where
i come in so yes contractors put money in my pocket!
i Repair alot of power generators for the contractors and much more!
but now days nothing is really happening in the construction world!
the economy is so bad right now so yes in many ways this hurts me
no work for the contractors that means no work for me on there equipment! however i been bless and been busy been so busy dont even no what to do with myself! but i just know my brother is a Carpenter
and he aint work in 2 weeks that is how bad things are luckly for me
ppl will pay money to get there , lawnmowers and there Garden Tractors Repair! but it will be a matter of time ppl aint going to have no money to get there equipment Repair if work dont start picking up!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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