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Hey guys, i'm new here... i've been reading ALOT around here... very interesting topics!

I do not own a business, I don't know what the qualifications to be on here are... but, i'm an aspiring general contractor who is planning on going to college for electrical engineering. After that i'd like to go for my general contractors license. :clap:

I just turned 17 and i've been working with my hands since I was young... (my dad was a die hard DIYer - he tought me alot - he was a farmer:thumbup:).

I've been working with an electrician since I was 16. I've been in the office most of the time since I can't commit to full time due to my homeschooling. But I have been in the field for a few weeks so far.

I'd like advice, from you experienced contractors:notworthy about those who are starting out... another thread, another time!

Btw, I DO plan on being a legal, insured, licensed, permitfull:laughing: non hacking, permit pulling, Licensed contractor.

Hope i'm allowed here:eek:

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