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new here

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Hi I'm Dan, Not a GC but a 21 yr old carpenter hoping to be a GC in a few years maybe sooner...this site is great, great workers with it seems endless knowledge on the subjects..Ive used alot of tips from this site that even my 50 yr old boss with 32 years experience wonders how i knew...anyways im in chicago and am in residential rehab/new construction..
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Welcome to the Forum kaspar, enjoy your stay.
Welcome, Kaspar, - - it's guys like you that are willing to 'study-up' that will surely get somewhere. Though I doubt you'll need it, - - Good Luck!! :Thumbs:
Welcome aboard Kaspar, you arent kidding about these guys. I read this site every day and its helped me SO much. These guys are so helpful that if this site charged a fee, I would probably still use it just for all the great information.
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